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1957 Beck Electric Speedster

1957 BEck Speedster


The details

    This Beck 356 Speedster is a driving experienced by very few, one large electric motor in the rear mated to a 4-speed proper H pattern transaxle. This translates to all the joys of spirited driving, running through the gears, maintaining the powerband, and rev match downshifting powered by a torque filled 7K RPM redline electric motor. In many ways acting just as a gasoline powered engine, such as having a powerband, where it differs is the instant torque, near silence, and starting every time with maximum power with only a flick a switch at any altitude or temperature.

    The car itself is a Beck 356 Speedster in beautiful Merlot over Natural Brown interior wearing classic gold badges and the perfect stance. Beck Speedsters are known for their quality with a purpose built 3” DOM tubular chassis and handcrafted bodies. Where things start to get unique is the power plant. A 110-horsepower electric motor powered by 12 200AH Lithium batteries make this faster than a gasoline air-cooled engine even with the added weight of the system. Depending on the weight of the driver the Speedster is right around 2600lbs, the shocks are tuned for the new weight and the overall experience is tough to distinguish over the lighter original version. Kumho 165/80/R15 tires mounted onto chrome wheels provide the right look while not sacrificing handling. Front disc brakes with drums in the rear provide plenty of stopping power, the power regeneration of the motor can provide added deceleration if desired.

    The interior is complete with brown leather seats and door cards with full tan carpet. A matching tonneau cover hides the convertible top, in addition to matching removable windows. An Electric Vehicle Interface Controller provides a display in the center of the dash. The vitals that can be monitored include motor temp, battery temp, AMP feedback, voltage, charge status, and a code readout. The speedometer displays your speed in KM/H and odometer which currently reads 5,010 KMs. The tachometer is connected to the electric motor and gives you accurate RPMs. A Kicker Bluetooth sound system in connected to Polkaudio speakers found in the doors. Sliding rail seats provide plenty of comfort and stability with great ergonomics to the shifter and upgraded handbrake. LED lights offer low power consumption while being very effective, they provide all the functionality of parking lights, low beams, and high beams.

    Overall, this is a unique driving experience in a very subtle package. Speeds of 90+ MPH can be achieved, while using all the gears is not necessary with the ability to start in even 4th gear with no stalling only gradual acceleration. A 100-mile range is possible and normal household power can be used to charge with full charge times being achieved overnight. An on-board liquid cooled smart charging system makes for stressless charging. Three switches in total include a storage main switch, hidden security switch, and ignition style switch on the dash. Simply using the dash switch is all that is required to flick and start driving. Lithium batteries are user friendly, not needing to be constantly plugged in or watered. A full binder of all wiring, products used, troubleshooting, and other details will be included. This Speedster has been fine-tuned and proven very reliable, ready to be driven. Titled in Florida, USA as a 1957 making for easy export around the world. Vehicle had conversion completed in 2015.

    We work with clients all over the USA and globally, please reach out with any further questions about the Speedster.

    1957 Beck 356 Speedster powered by a 110HP electric motor mated to a 4 speed H-Pattern transaxle makes for one for the most unique experiences while being powerful, reliable, and engaging to drive. 

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